An Thinh Phat Industry Joint Stock Company, is a unit specializing in importing and distributing exclusively branded trolley products: A Caster is manufactured according to US quality standards.
All 304 stainless steel trolley products have a lifetime warranty against rust and a 12-month warranty on galvanized steel forks.

* Wheel material includes the following types: PU Cast Iron, PU Steel, Rubber Cast Iron, Rubber Steel, Cast Iron, Nylon, PA, Hitech Rubber, Hitech PU, Phenolic & Thermo high temperature resistant, Lead Wheel electricity...

* Wheel material includes: White galvanized steel fork, Powder coated steel fork, 304 stainless steel fork, High-tech plastic fork...

* Wheel load: load capacity from 20kg/wheel to 5000Kg/wheel with all sizes and variety of models and types.

* Usage environment of all kinds of wheels: specialized for use in industries, factories, healthcare, restaurants and hotels, cold storage, food processing, electronic manufacturing and special environments such as ( brine, concentrated chemicals, grease, baking, steaming, drying, conductive ....), the wheels are well affected by the surrounding environment, highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand temperatures from -45oC to +350C .

* High-tech plastic floor trolley: FD-100, FD-150, FD-300, FD-450, load capacity from 100kg-450kg

Coming to our company, customers will be able to use genuine, high quality, and reasonable price trolley and wheel products, full product warranty and customer care service. attentive goods.
With product quality, service quality and customer-oriented sales policies, our company hopes to have the opportunity to welcome and serve customers.

We look forward to receiving your feedback soon so that we have the conditions to cooperate for mutual development



Inner Ho Chi Minh City

Ensure product quality as described

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304 stainless steel wheel, food safety and hygiene


Caster A Caster castors made of monolithic PA6 material  Stainless steel 304 is mainly used  in cold storages, water environments, seafood processing, food, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical,...

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